What Is JFDI.asia?

JFDI is a proposed new business incubator based in Singapore.

JFDI creates a flow of companies by recruiting and match-making engineers and entrepreneurs from inside and outside Singapore to form balanced teams. Two batches of five to eight teams of entrepreneurs will pass through the JFDI intensive Business Boot Camp program each year. The internal success metric for JFDI will be that at least half the companies reach 1,000 paying customers, or 10,000 signed-up users, in 100 days, starting from scratch or near-scratch.

JFDI creates value in several unique ways that complement the existing early-stage company support structures of Singapore:

  • JFDI team members will live, work and eat together for 100 days through the Boot Camp experience.
  • The focus is on creating and implementing ideas around real commercial opportunities, not on trying to take untested ideas speculatively to market with first-time teams
  • The rapid turnaround, rapid learning approach is unique to the acceleration model. Because they will do their work transparently in public, JFDI’s companies will share all their learning with the broader community in Singapore.
  • JFDI adds significant value to startups because it emphasises operational execution as much as the ideas behind the incubated ventures. Mentors offer daily hands-on coaching.
  • JFDI trains the next generation of mentors alongside the next generation of entrepreneurs. Its long-term legacy will be a self-sustaining ecosystem that, over time, turns founders into funders and inventors into investors.

JFDI does not compete with any existing initiative in Singapore but rather seeks to work with local players, wherever existing funding program rules and incubator priorities make that possible. We invite interested individuals to sign up here and to help us kick-start JFDI.

In the meantime, this site hosts a folksonomy of know-how compiled by entrepreneurs who've been there and done it before that is ever-growing and so will never be complete. You will frequently find pages yet to be written or issues yet to be addressed.

JFDI.asia is not an academic treatise, a library or a directory. There are no references, guarantees or sure-fire success methodologies. We are not trying to sell anything or convince you of a point of view. We simply want to share what we have learned so we don't have to repeat each others' mistakes :)

Any wisdom you find here comes from us all. None of us take responsibility for any bum advice lurking within. Every reader must make his or her own choices: adapt, adopt, or ignore what you read, at your own discretion.

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